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Who We Are

We are a seasoned team of brand building experts for the past twenty five years. We’re veteran, strategic thinkers that know how to create business plans, help the execution process, and ultimately brand. We do all kinds of brands but we specialize in restaurant branding.

Heating The Iron

A Branding Iron's consultation services.

  • Brand Assessment

    A brand assessment is the essential foundation for a fully leveraged and durable brand. Through careful research we’re able to address the best ways to brand your concept.

    What is the current state of our brand? What are our brand’s permissions & limitations for growth? What is important to our stakeholders/investors that drive purchase decisions & how are we performing with regard to these? What will it take to execute the idea?

  • Brand Strategy

    Brand strategy determines the ideal state of your brand. This work will answer the questions: How can we be differentiated and compelling to the target market?

    How can we position ourselves to drive competitive advantage? What products, services, and customer experiences can we create or improve that will create profitable growth? And, what will deliver the greatest return?

  • Strategy Deployment

    You’ve got a strategy, now what? The best strategies are meaningless if they’re not properly executed.

    We’ll help you develop a strategy to execute your brand professionally and efficiently.

Meet Brad


Over a twenty-two year span Brad R. Evarts opened many wildly successful restaurants across San Diego, CA.


Evarts’ restaurant group, Bottom-Line Restaurants Inc., included Cilantros, Epazote (Del Mar), House of Wrapps (San Diego), Chesapeake Grill, and The Yellow Coyote Tortilla Factory (Encinitas).


He has consulted and assisted many business ventures and helped restauranteurs grow their brand.


Brad is also the creator and CEO of a hot new start-up, social media support site, Dented Ego.


Brad lives with his wife, four children, and three dogs in Encinitas, California.


Please contact us below to inquire more about our services or for custom packages!

  • The Calf Brand Package

    $ 799
    • Smaller problems that need quick resolution, this package includes:
    • Concept creation
    • Logo/brand
    • Theme trend identification
    • Operation improvements
    • Social media
    • * Additional add ons will be billed at a rate of $45.00 per hour.
  • The Steer Brand Package

    $ 1899
    • Includes ‘The Calf Brand Package’. This package also includes:
    • Trademarking
    • Add on and build-outs
    • Equipment needs
    • Menu/ recipe creation
    • FOH/BOH training*
    • Methods to increase sales
    • Effective re-launchparty
    • * Additional add ons will be billed at a rate of $45.00 per hour.
  • The Ranch Brand Package

    $ 4999
    • Includes ‘Calf’ and ‘Steer Package’. This package also includes:
    • Business plan prospectus
    • NDA/ LLC/ LP & financing plan.
    • Targeting investors
    • Partnership questionnaire
    • Subscription agreement
    • Dealing with outside agencies
    • Exit strategies
    • * Price is subject to increase depending on the scope of work required as well as the business plan structure.


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